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Creepy songs


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Qui potete postare le canzoni (o brani strumentali) più creepy che conoscete.

Per "creepy" si intende qualcosa che mette i brividi, spaventoso, raccapricciante, pauroso.


Comincio con questa:

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Penso sia etichettabile come Creepy, Vessels mi dà nettamente l'idea che ci sia qualcosa di conturbante, imminente e catastrofico ._.

(e poi tutte quelle voci D:)


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Il testo, probabilmente il più creepy che conosco:

I woke up that day,
Unwell, With strange dreams
Of siamese twins,
I was deep under ground,

It was strange,
So strange,
I was scared.

I was here,
And I heard,
Some sounds screaming
From the deep well,
As something happened,

I was scared,
So scared,
It was strange.

No friends, no calls,
The sun is down,
Still waiting for the end of the day,
And nothing happened,

I was scared,
I was scared,
I was scared.

There's something wrong
Within my head,
I feel like as
I am a freak.

Next day, fire, on the ground,
I've been to the lake of blood,
To meet the witch of my dreams,
She was here within my head.

Ghost days,
The fog was gone,
And the sun is crown,
The streets are green and
I'm the king.
What the hell am I here for?

I was scared,
So scared,
So scared.

There's someone else within my soul,
I feel as I am a freak.
I've seen the evil
In a mirror of bones.
Into my grave,
I've seen this siamese twins.

I've met the devil and
he burned my eyes and
ate my brain,
Then killed my family.

I'm torn,
I'm scared,
I'm hurt..
Please help me to
ease my pain again.

I'm a freak,
It is reality

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